Malé City Scaping Project

Male’ city council awarded the streetscaping project to Road Development Corporation on the date of August 10, 2020, the total cost of the project implementation is estimated to be worth MVR 462 million; correspondingly, for the project, 18 kilometers of roadway and pavement on 416 roads are to be renovated, along with 21 new parking spaces. We are set to develop four types of roads, including arterial, city, secondary and neighborhood pedestrian roads.

Our project implementation is separated into three distinct phases. Currently, we are in the progression of phase one— development of the western wing road. One of our top primacies, is to resolve the flooding issue in Male’ city, unfortunately, this matter has not been attended for years; however, we are strongly determined in providing a permanent solution for this matter.

Our corporation’s focal mandate is to facilitate the building of high-quality roads across the Maldives, over-seeing projects and creating a framework to maintain roads, and contribute to the over-all infrastructural development of the country’s economy.