Road Development Corporation (RDC) is a 100% state owned entity formed by a presidential decree in June 2019 with the aim of promoting the construction of rigid and flexible development of roads, repair and maintenance of bridges, building of highways and causeways, with construction materials and reinforced landscaping.

Our Vision

Rehabilitating road and infrastructure. For enriched residential standard of living and accelerated economic growth.

Our Mission

Delivery for efficient, safe and ecological infrastructure advancements to the islands for enhanced, cohesive development and consolidation of peace and national unity.

Board of Directors

Abdulla Afeef

Mr. Abdulla Afeef

Board Chairman

Mr. Abdulla Afeef was appointed as the Chairman of Road Development Corporation on 23rd July 2020. He had earned a Diploma Certificate in the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). Mr. Afeef has spent 22 years servicing the government and have years of experience in withholding the position of Managing Director, in various reputable companies, following his extensive list of achievements, Mr. Afeef has received an award for Outstanding Service to the Community. During his tenancy in Yes Maldives Private Limited, he held 95% of the stake and the Position of Managing Director for numerous years, with his guidance and expertise, he had cultivated the company capital vastly. Outstandingly, Mr. Afeef has held the Managing Director position and shareholding of other prominent companies such as, Hathaa Maldives Pvt Ltd, Huvath Holding Pvt Ltd, and Hoverla Holdings Pvt Ltd. Although he has received numerous accolades for his work ethic and achievements over the years, he says his greatest reward is the lasting professional relationships developed and sustained with individuals of several industries.

Moosa Ali Manik

Uz. Moosa Ali Manik

Managing Director | Board Director

Uz. Moosa Ali Manik was appointed as the Managing Director of the company on the 15 th October 2019. With the establishment of the corporation Mr. Moosa, has been creating a remarkable workplace to alleviate the company. Mr. Moosa, holds a Bachelor of Shariah and Law (Honours) from Maldives National University. He initially begun his career as an Assistant Island Chief of R. Ungoofaaru, 12 years ago and has found is way progressing step by step in the professional field. He has vast experience in working as a legal consultant for 3 years. Furthermore, he filled in the Managers post at Aakey’s International for 8 years and his dedication lead to 4 years of experience as a General Manager after his promotion. His immense experience and commitment for his work paves his way for innovative ideas to flourish in the growth of the Maldives Road Development.

Ahmed Shareef

Mr. Ahmed Shareef

Deputy Managing Director | Board Director

Mr. Ahmed Shareef was appointed as the Deputy Managing Director, of Road Development Corporation on the 15 th October 2019. Having graduated from the University of Wales, London where he had earned a Bachelor’s Degree (HONS) Certificate in Business Studies, he also went on to achieve a Diploma Certificate in Management and E-Commerce from the School of Technology and Management, London. Mr. Shareef has acquired more than 11 years of experience from the field of coastal construction in the private sector, where he maneuvered numerous projects with foreign and local developers. He has also served his due diligence as the Projects Management Director of Coral Gate Maldives Pvt Ltd for 12 years. Since he has made his appellation in the Coastal Construction industry, Mr. Shareef has developed extensive knowledge and appreciation of the area. Clients have boundless respect for him due to his persistence, hands-on methods, superior negotiating skills, unequaled insider knowledge, and networking skills, among others.  Mr. Shareef is found to be a versatile innovator who is professionally aware of the bigger picture, simultaneously attending to the details. He is well-known for his relentless determination and expertise in guiding Road Development Corporation for the achievement and implementation of successful projects.

Shamveel Mohamed

Mr. Shamveel Mohamed

Board Director (Non-Executive)

Mr. Shamveel Mohamed, was appointed as a Non-Executive Board Director of Road Development Corporation in October 2019. Mr. Shamveel, holds a Diploma in CAT, and is well-established in auditing and inventory managing. Prior to joining the Board of Road Development Corporation, he has also acquired vast experience in the professional field. He has filled in the position as an inventory manager at Hassan Marine Engineering. He has also schemed various projects at Costline Investment as a project Coordinator. Mr. Shamveel is well-known for his concrete management skills and innovative notions in the area. He is found to be a remarkable contributor for strategic plans, concurrently acquiring a systematic approach. Mr. Shamveel has a strong background and reputation in the financial services industry leading significant transformations.

Ahmed Marzooq

Mr. Ahmed Marzooq

Board Director (Non-Executive)

Mr. Ahmed Marzooq, was appointed as a Non-Executive Board Director of Road Development Corporation in October 2019. Mr. Marzooq, holds a Diploma in Miscrosoft Office. He is appreciated by the Board for his straight talk, often unconventional perspectives, and in the depth of his ‘real world’ executive experience. His professional background includes, his contribution to the People’s Majlis of Maldives as a member of the Parliament for Felidhoo Constituency. He holds a leadership role as the Managing Director at Madihaa Company Pvt Ltd and as the Chairman at Batuta Maldives Pvt Ltd. Mr. Marzooq remarkably possesses great expertise in management and innovative notions.

Core Values

  • B BELIEVE in our organized endeavors which will lead to a greater community.
  • U Work UNITED with significant speed to build our communities.
  • I Uphold INTEGRITY even when our work to build communities become complicated.
  • L LISTEN with respect to every stakeholder who contributes to help build our communities.
  • D Build our communities through continuous DEVELOPMENT that creates a difference.